Dasudian Industrial Intelligence Summit - Wuhan 2018

This week I held a short 30min introduction into "Industrial Intelligence" on the "Dasudian Industrial Intelligence Summit" in Wuhan. As the participants did come from a broad range of industries and with very different background, I kept the session about how artificial intelligence can support the industrial sector on a very high level. To make the content available to a broader audience I will publish a summary here on my personal blog as well as on https://www.dasudian.com/

Check if iPhone is available in local network even if in sleep

Using nmap it is possible to check if an iPhone is available in the network even so.

At least execute 3 times following:

sudo nmap -PO -sU -p5353 -Pn <ip-address> | grep "1 host up" | wc -l

The best way is to regularly do this UDP ping and then e.g. if the phone doesn't reply even after x minutes it is set to be away. This is handy for presence detection in smart homes.

Mac OSX Sierra sudo bash not found fix

Just to document, before I used sudo -s '<cmd>' but this did produce an /bin/bash <cmd> No such file or directory, now I need to use sudo bash -c '<cmd>' to achieve that the command <cmd> is run correctly

Synology Custom Dynamic DNS

I recently bought a Synology NAS (DS213j) and had the challenge to use a custom dynamic DNS provider as DynDNS will shutdown its free plan. Actually it turned out to be very easy, I just had to add a new provider to /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf with following lines:


Then I could select this new provider within the control panel under "remote access". Excellent!

Ubuntu 13.10 black screen on HP CQ58 solved

I got the HP CQ58 notebook with FreeDOS and - of course - installed Ubuntu on it. The installation went smooth, just after the final reboot the screen went black and did not show the graphical login screen. Also I could not switch to console login with pressing ALT+F1 or the like, screen just kept black. I tried the two things:
* rebooted in recovery mode but then selected "resume" to continue normal boot and the login screen displayed
* I connected an external screen to the VGA outlet and there I could see the login screen etc and also enable mirroring from there

RAID5 Recover

A single disk of my RAID5 failed, it reported that the erroneous device was /dev/sda. As I have three disks with the same size I did a ls -l /dev/disk/by-id to find the serial number of the drive which maps to /dev/sda. After I did that I could proceed to actually removing the device from the raid and replacing the hard drive.

Thanks to the cheat sheet at http://www.ducea.com/2009/03/08/mdadm-cheat-sheet/ I could do

mdadm /dev/md0 --fail /dev/sda1 --remove /dev/sda1

VirtualBox Command-line

In the last weeks I learned that the command-line usage of VirtualBox is actually very neat and usable.

Hausautomation - Überlegung beim Neubau

Meine Erfahrung ist, dass auch bei einem Neubau das Thema "Hausautomation" fast gar nicht erwähnt wird. Sowohl die Verkäufer als auch später die Architekten sehen es nicht als einen relevanten Aspekt ihrer Arbeit an, Hausautomation in ihrem Tagesgeschäft zu vermarkten bzw. vorzustellen. Ich denke, dass dies aufgrund von mangelnder Erfahrung bzw. fehlendem Wissen geschieht.

Spaß mit der Sprache

Im Urlaub in der Türkei sind mir doch witzige Wörter der türkischen Sprache aufgefallen - speziell da ja auch Umlaute benutzt werden, hier mal ein paar Auszüge (übersetzt von Google):


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