Dasudian Industrial Intelligence Summit - Wuhan 2018

This week I held a short 30min introduction into "Industrial Intelligence" on the "Dasudian Industrial Intelligence Summit" in Wuhan. As the participants did come from a broad range of industries and with very different background, I kept the session about how artificial intelligence can support the industrial sector on a very high level. To make the content available to a broader audience I will publish a summary here on my personal blog as well as on https://www.dasudian.com/

matthub: During setup of the Telephone app https://t.co/qClwmhzIPY on my Mac to connect to the #FritzBox I was wondering about a 404 after setting up the account. Found the answer in https://t.co/QX7hY6pmqy "username and password must not be the same

matthub: Just found out that most probably a started #docker instance on OSX interrupts scanning a page after a few seconds with #canon imageFORMULA CaptureOnTouch. Will be able to verify that hypothesis on every scan...

matthub: In the digital age now dawning, no one can really tell us the answer. That's why it's so important to have the right people alongside you. Got featured in the Annual and Sustainability Report 2017 of #Porsche AG @PorscheNewsroom https:/

matthub: @softmaker_com Very very nice, thanks a lot for putting in so much effort! I gave it a quick try and a complex docx document is almost looking exactly the same as in Word, but I had some issues when editing it (e.g. adding images), will report it


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