Why I can't fully switch to Mac (yet)

While I enjoy using a Mac (as part of my job at IBM), a few reasons why I can't fully (that means in my case: giving up a Windows laptop and go for a Macbook also for private manners) switch to Mac and OS X:

  • GDI Printer: I still have some old Windows/GDI printers, which are still too reliable to give them up
  • Hebrew: The display system of Hebrew letters is really bad, especially as it seems that there are still bugs in window server code (http://forum.fontlab.com/sbl-hebrew/sbl-hebrew-font-in-mac-os-x-safari-t...) and especially OpenOffice can't cope with them on OS X
  • Existing Licences: I still have some licenses for Windows software (e.g. Photoshop Elements, PDF XChange Lite, ...)

Also there are a few annoying things, which aren't a "no go", but still annoying:

  • the angle of the display adjustment is limited, which would be in some conditions a nice to have feature (for ergonomic reasons)
  • fullscreen is not fullscreen: even if you press the maximize button you have still the task bar somewhere in the way, I haven't found a good handling of multiple maximized windows which are overlapping a little bit, and therefore when I click on the border I focus on the background window
  • inexplicable dim of the display: sometimes the background light of the display is darker, sometimes lighter, even when the ambient doesn't vary. I just disabled the "ambient dim" in the system preferences, lets see, if that helps...

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