On Nimbletoes in the UK

Inspired by Joe Nimbles posts on [https://www.facebook.com/joenimble his facebook page] I also took some shots during my , of course with my black-olive shoes. To sum it up: it is a really new feeling of walking! Not only that your feets get a free massage during walking/running but you also get back the sense of the surrounding environment and let you feel more "humaneness" in the industrial world.

A few facts: only 4mm hi-tech material between my foot and the ground. My feet had somehow to re-learn to walk as it is almost as walking barefoot. I was reminded that during my years at the university I did one summer without shoes: walking, bus, train, lectures, ... And I found out that it sounds more weird than doing it. At first the muscles in the feet suddenly have to do more work, so they need the first few days to get used to that. The same feeling was with wearing Nimbletoes, it is a different way of walking.

As the Nimbletoes are of very good quality I will try to use them as much as possible, everyday - not that easy as I have to wear a suite most of the time - and will also report back later about my experience.

Here a few pictures from the way to the UK. So maybe the first Nimbletoes in England, probably the first Nimbletoes in Birmingham, almost for sure the first Nimbletoes in Tamworth. :)

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