Ubuntu 13.10 black screen on HP CQ58 solved

I got the HP CQ58 notebook with FreeDOS and - of course - installed Ubuntu on it. The installation went smooth, just after the final reboot the screen went black and did not show the graphical login screen. Also I could not switch to console login with pressing ALT+F1 or the like, screen just kept black. I tried the two things:

  • rebooted in recovery mode but then selected "resume" to continue normal boot and the login screen displayed
  • I connected an external screen to the VGA outlet and there I could see the login screen etc and also enable mirroring from there

That means it is "just" a setting which I need to find. After some time googling around following worked for me:

I changed following line in /etc/default/grub - the important thing is to add "nomodeset":


and then called:

sudo update-grub

After reboot the Unity Login window appeared.


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