Thailand Embassy Numbers in China 中国泰国大使馆 电话号

As the Thailand embassy web site is not really accessible within China here the duplicated numbers from []. Please note: this is not an official page, last updated 2012-01-30.

vodafone EasyBox Thinkpad Compatibility Settings

When moving into the new flat I replaced my [ Fonera] Router with a vodafone EasyBox 812. Using wireless on my ThinkPad W500 laptop the connection dropped and reconnected sometimes, kind of without any reason. Sometimes it just reconnected fine, sometimes it won't reconnect and I had to wait a long time in between - turning on and off the wireless switch etc.

LogiLink WC0010A Video URLs

I just bought a LogiLink IP camera and wanted to get the pictures directly from a plain URL, but that was somehow not documented. After a while I figured a few URLs out which you could use:

OpenLP und Android

Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit begann im [ OpenLP] Projekt die Entwicklung einer Android App, mit der man OpenLP von remote steuern kann. Diese App benutzt die remote Fähigkeit von OpenLP, ist aber noch im Anfangsstadium. Allerdings sind die Möglichkeiten, die damit eröffnet werden, sehr cool:
- über Android Phone/Tablets kann man auch Folien weiter bzw. zurückschalten. Dies kann vom Prediger oder auch von dem Lead-Musiker eingesetzt werden, um damit die Präsentation zu steuern.

On Nimbletoes in the UK

Inspired by Joe Nimbles posts on [ his facebook page] I also took some shots during my , of course with my black-olive shoes. To sum it up: it is a really new feeling of walking! Not only that your feets get a free massage during walking/running but you also get back the sense of the surrounding environment and let you feel more "humaneness" in the industrial world.

Workaround for the regularly Vodafone Mobile Broadband crashes on OS X

These days when I am using the companies UMTS on my MacBook using a USB UMTS stick (similar to []) I get from time to time an error from the Vodafone Mobile Broadband application saying, that it could not connect to the internet (and "please restart the application", but this does not help).

What helped are restart the netmgrd process, it is done with following commands in the terminal:

Lotus Notes 8.5.1 on Mac suddenly did not start anymore - solved

Today Notes 8.5.1 didn't start up. In the console log I saw error messages like this:

Getting the current IP address from the Fonera Box

I wrote a little script to get the current public IP address from the Fonera status page. In my set up the box has the default internal IP address

Here the full script:



IP_ADDRESS=wget -q -O - | grep "IP Address" | sed -n '/<td>/{p;q;}' | sed 's/.*<td>//' | sed 's/</td></tr>//'

IP Address:

Creating a screencast video on OS X with free of charge software

I had the task to record a short screencast. My plan was to do it on my MacBook as it has a decent performance (and no problems with the audio in the virtual world client as my Ubuntu laptop). On Windows I know the free and good software [ CamStudio]. But for OS X I didn't know a solution, which could achieve that with free of charge software, so I tried to find one.

Programmatically Access Resource Environment Provider Settings in WebSphere Application Server

(that is a cross post from my IBM internal blog)

Last week I had to do some library on WebSphere 6 which uses configuration data stored in a [ Resource Environment Provider]. As I had a hard time to figure out how to access the configuration and especially the attributes, here some small code snippets which show the access of a resource environment provider.


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