SortedList in C# is nice...

Just found this class while looking for a automatically alphabetically sorted-by-key hashtable (from

using System;
using System.Collections;
public class SamplesSortedList {

public static void Main() {

Mac binary application package and installer for OpenLP out!

Today I created a binary application package for an Python application on the OS X platform. As I had a no success with [ py2app] despite [ good tutorials] [ Raoul] pointed me to [ PyInstaller] and that the SVN version has support for Mac.

Drupal Multisite Backup Script

The following script I am using now in production over a few weeks, and it seems to be successfully back up my Drupal multisite installation. Some key facts:

Why I can't fully switch to Mac (yet)

While I enjoy using a Mac (as part of my job at IBM), a few reasons why I can't fully (that means in my case: giving up a Windows laptop and go for a Macbook also for private manners) switch to Mac and OS X:


Haben gestern [ den Film] angeguckt (leider aber nicht in 3D) und wie viele schon sagten, ist er echt gut gemacht. Sehr rund. Drei Sachen sind mir beim reflektieren darüber noch aufgefallen:

Manually adding libraries to the repository within a Gradle build

For some project I am using [ Gradle] as build system. I like the approach using a DSL for specifying build tasks and also like the dependency management through [ Ivy]. For me it looked like a quick start (in contrast to [ Maven]) into the dependency management and that it was!


Während des Urlaubs letzter Woche hatte ich Zeit, die alten Bilder vom Album meiner Oma (väterlicherseits) einzuscannen und da kam doch einiges Interessantes bei der Recherche heraus


Gott bitten ist nicht nur nötig, um unsere Seele zu entlasten, sondern auch ein Ausdruck, dass wir abhängig sein wollen von ihm und ihm zutrauen, uns zu beschenken. Ja, Gott weiß, was wir benötigen ([ Matthäus 6, 7b]), aber die Stellen, in denen wir aufgerufen werden, aktiv zu bitten, setzen das Verhältnis in die Balance:

== Stelle 1 ==

Share folders from Linux to Linux

Using NFS: add the directory to /etc/exports on the server, start the NFS server and mount it on the client with
* first mount the parent directory {{{mount server:/directory /mnt/directory-mount-point}}}
* then mount the iso {{{mount -o loop iso-file.iso /mnt/iso-mount-point}}}

IFA 2009 - IBM and smarter homes

The "Internationale Funkaustellung" (IFA) is a big consumer electronics fair held in Berlin. 2009 was not the first year IBM was involved in the IFA, already 2008 IBM had some panel discussions and a booth, for more information see [ here].


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