Synology Custom Dynamic DNS

I recently bought a Synology NAS (DS213j) and had the challenge to use a custom dynamic DNS provider as DynDNS will shutdown its free plan. Actually it turned out to be very easy, I just had to add a new provider to /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf with following lines:


Then I could select this new provider within the control panel under "remote access". Excellent!

Ubuntu 13.10 black screen on HP CQ58 solved

I got the HP CQ58 notebook with FreeDOS and - of course - installed Ubuntu on it. The installation went smooth, just after the final reboot the screen went black and did not show the graphical login screen. Also I could not switch to console login with pressing ALT+F1 or the like, screen just kept black. I tried the two things:
* rebooted in recovery mode but then selected "resume" to continue normal boot and the login screen displayed
* I connected an external screen to the VGA outlet and there I could see the login screen etc and also enable mirroring from there

RAID5 Recover

A single disk of my RAID5 failed, it reported that the erroneous device was /dev/sda. As I have three disks with the same size I did a ls -l /dev/disk/by-id to find the serial number of the drive which maps to /dev/sda. After I did that I could proceed to actually removing the device from the raid and replacing the hard drive.

Thanks to the cheat sheet at I could do

mdadm /dev/md0 --fail /dev/sda1 --remove /dev/sda1


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