Thailand Embassy Numbers in China 中国泰国大使馆 电话号

As the Thailand embassy web site is not really accessible within China here the duplicated numbers from []. Please note: this is not an official page, last updated 2012-01-30.

vodafone EasyBox Thinkpad Compatibility Settings

When moving into the new flat I replaced my [ Fonera] Router with a vodafone EasyBox 812. Using wireless on my ThinkPad W500 laptop the connection dropped and reconnected sometimes, kind of without any reason. Sometimes it just reconnected fine, sometimes it won't reconnect and I had to wait a long time in between - turning on and off the wireless switch etc.

LogiLink WC0010A Video URLs

I just bought a LogiLink IP camera and wanted to get the pictures directly from a plain URL, but that was somehow not documented. After a while I figured a few URLs out which you could use:


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